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Theater for babies & toddlers

(texts & photos:  copyright by The Little Foxes)

      Early age theater, generaly, addresses to babies and toddlers from 8 months to 6 years. Early age plays are -usually- grouped:

- for babies 8 months - 2,5 years old (baby stage),

- for babies and toddlers 1-3 years old (baby & pre-toddler stage),

- for toddlers 2-6 years old (pre-toddler stage & toddler stage).

       Theaterin early age functions drastically in formation and evolution of perception. The general idea that babies and toddlers are unable to concentrate to theatrical action and they can mostly participate in play process, is totally wrong. Evidence is as follows: babies can immitate an act from the 6th month of their lives, which shows that infants perceive, decode and reproduce.

'Captain bubble', The Little Foxes

'Cardbox stories: the flying elephant', The Little Foxes

      Early age audience -free from conventional ways of reaction- create an authentic microscope in which actors and audience are honestly 'conversing'. 

This is the reason why, the early age theater has so little in common to children's theater and even fewer to theater for adult .

The purpose of early age performances is to familiarize small audiences with fiction, synthesis, association of events and the monitoring of integrated external ideas. They do not have a teaching role, but they aim to evolve each baby/ toddler uniquily according to his / her age, possibilities, stimuli and infiltrations.

'Mud Dog: barking made of clay', The Little Foxes

'Tiny me: pockets scientists', The Little Foxes

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