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​To build a home

baby theater (8 months - 3 years old)

Ένα μικρό καταφύγιο, EN.jpg


8months- 3 years old


baby theater performance
(no verbal)


30'-40' performance

Script/ Direction:

Emily Kamarinopoulou


Stella Champezou, Emily Kamarinopoulou

Resume of the performance

Two best friends discover a paper world!
A bliss world made of:
- ‘post-it’ sky and paper clouds,

  • crepon paper clothes and colouring paper crowns,

  • colouful ruffled paper trees,

  • cardboard paper camp-tents,

  • confetti rain and paper ribbons wind,

  • gigi-giant blocks houses

and a lot more surprises!

Despite, the adventures and fun time, the girls need a small

shelter in this big paper world.
They need a place, they can feel like ‘home’.

Can they find something like that?
If not, can they build their ideal ‘Home’ ?

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